Sales & Marketing Solutions For Pro Sports & Entertainment

Sales Process - "Best Practices"

A good sales process makes sure that there is a continuous pipeline of opportunities for your sales reps. From lead identification through to a closed sale, follow-up is key to not allow anything to "fall through the cracks".

SportSMARTS provides the tools to streamline your sales process. Imagine having brand new sales interns jump in and be productive very soon after they start. Our ticket sales module includes tools to:Fairly distribute new leads to each sales rep

  • Prepare a follow-up calling procedure when new accounts are assigned
  • Provide sales reps with one button response capabilities to frequently requested information
  • Track each sales rep's opportunity pipeline
  • Analyze sales activity and identify areas for improvement using a set of special management reports

The modules available from Business Automation Solutions incorporate proven solutions in use today by several successful pro team franchises.